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This website provides professional editing, proofreading, and poetry writing service across the world wide. So, any issues regarding poetry writing as per the requirements of customers can be concerned on following address. These professional and unique services are provided just at cheaply costs at $ 0.10 per words. However, minimum rate of poems for selling as per the requirements of customers on any subject matter just at costs $ 40 for fewer than 20 lines. If, lines is more over 20 then $5 costs will be included at per 4, 5 lines stanza. However, revision also contains for poetry work as per requirements of customers for little charges as $ 5. Due to its quality services many writers have got benefit for directly. So, concern this site by feel free at anytime. Most welcome at always.

NOTE: - Negotiations regarding costs is also available. Fixed budget employer is required to pay ¼ advanced as per the terms and conditions of website.

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  • We are a team of professional English poets and writer as well as the editor. CEO poet of this website his famous book across the world as “Justice of nature and injustice of love “.  Which book shade has fallen on every corner of nature and love? Which 500 copies have sold. Which anyone can purchase from Amazon, shop clue, Flipkart, digistore24 and blue rose publisher as well as by concerning this site.
  • NOTE:- His poems have been published in America, Nepal and Asia as Justice of nature, services of trees without consideration, the puzzle of weaver bird in duckweed, and statement of black eyes, The mount ever so on. He is also an assistant professor with 5 years of experience in literature and business management. He is also a yoga teacher with physical and psychology by perfectly and know fitness and health and wealth knowledge.
  • He is a spiritual leader also as well as environmentalists for devotion for the purpose of cleaning mother earth and it's an environment for a living being. His website link as www.weeklypoetry.com and facebook page on which all poems of him.
  • OTHER QUALITY STAFF:- All staff assistant to this site is well qualified and post-graduated in the English literature language. Who devoted all time for making professional services as from the core of heart. Who are competent to complete work within the determined requirements.

However, CEO has written more than 350 English poems concerned with every matters of subject on mother earth includes 2 Books as "Justice of Nature & Injustice of Love" and  Old  is Gold


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1. Due to its excellence services many new and emerging poet and writer approaching directly on this website for availing the world class service. Mostly european and usa  writers enjoys this services due to it's complexity less formalities.

 2. website is earning it's respect for the fastest responsive to the customer. Rather, work of any customer would complete within in timely. No delays is found during it's services. all around services regarding the help of writers would be provided. As content setting in a book as per the work done according to writing's characteristics. However, any writer can check the ahead link as https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lulnuAlS7Hahcn3i4F_3ie_5uh5ayFLJ/view?usp=drivesdk.


3. As all we know that editing task is not easy what could be achieved after many experience and exertion. As every writing asks editing for the purpose of making brilliant worth able long lasting literature to attractive the readers mind. However, anyone able to check the performance of owner of website as https://www.weeklypoetry.com




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